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What's The Goal?

empowr is a podcast geared to inspire listeners through conversations with incredible people.


Throughout university, various careers between entrepreneurship, sales, customer service, and becoming a chartered professional accountant at a national Big 4 firm – there was a journey of self-awareness. There was no map to this journey – I was creating a path, and the path was manifesting me, day by day.

I realized in this journey that my super power was the ability to connect with people authentically, and this gift provided me with awesome relationships through friends, colleagues, business partners, and clients.

These relationships intrigued me, challenged me, and inspired me to see mindsets, and habitual frameworks that built success.

The best way I knew to empower the world was to leverage those relationships in conversation, organically pulling out insights and deep knowledge with a questioning mind, and recording it in a podcast.

Who Am I?

My name is Rishan and I am a dreamer, an executor, and a people lover. My super power has given me the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone and let me tell you a little secret, and it’s not really a secret.

Conversation is about finding the spark in somebody else and lighting it up. It’s about being innately curious and finding interesting things about people that they themselves didn’t even know were interesting. It’s about finding excitement in one another, and celebrating it. That’s conversation to me.

My goal with empowr is to literally empower your mind, so you can better empower your life.  I truly believe the podcast will help people, and I look forward to being a part of that mission.


– Rishan