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Brittny Skylar

Founder, Flawless by Friday

Brittny Skylar, Founder of Flawless by Friday

Brittny Skylar, Founder of Flawless by Friday

Never use the word “hopefully”. If you don’t believe it’s a certainty, then nobody who reads it is going to believe it either (1:00:51).

Growing up as one of five girls on a farm north of Toronto, Brittny Skylar was the resident makeup artist, hair dresser, and skin care consultant. Helping her sisters find their glow and look their best, she was inspired to chart a career in skincare. But being witness to the rollercoaster of confidence and insecurities driven from skin problems, she was motivated to take real action.

Brittny Skylar portrays herself as a Type B personality with a Type A work ethic. On the other hand, her dad describes her as a relentless pain in the ass. 

Whatever her formula is, it’s making a lot of noise in the Canadian skincare industry.

Brittny Skylar is the founder of Flawless by Friday, a booming Canadian skincare company with an arsenal of products available in department stores across North America, and now internationally. You may have seen their products at the Hudson’s Bay, Lord & Taylor, Trade Secrets, and the list keeps going.

Ok, but what’s all the fuss about right? Well if department store distribution doesn’t impress you, Flawless by Friday has also been awarded with a spot in Chatelaine Magazine’s 2017 Canadian Trailblazers, a live segment on the Shopping Channel, and has been featured on Cityline and numerous health & beauty blogs across the country.

Brittny Skylar has accomplished all of this with her team of go-getter millennials, and she’s only 28.

All of this success is not without an interesting backstory. Brittny had it all. The comfortable corporate job at a big brand, defined deliverables, a benefits package, a company car – she had security.

But she gave all of that up to move in with her grandparents for 6 months to work on a skincare line that she was obsessed with. An idea she couldn’t stop thinking about before work, at work, or after work. A brand that she believed in so much – that she put her own face on the packaging.

This interview is an inspirational story about conquering your highs and lows and learning how to let go, in order to move forward. You’ll also learn about the powerful force of strategic mentorship, and how Brittny developed relationships with the likes of Bonnie Brooks & Shelley Rozenwald, some the most influential leaders in the Canadian beauty industry today.

Our conversation was layered with gems discussing:

  • Grit and perseverance
  • Building a brand and standing behind it
  • The benefits of hiring go-getter millennials vs. experienced workers
  • How Brittny built relationships with Korean chemists to develop Flawless by Friday’s hydrogel technology
  • Navigating an increasingly environmentally conscious industry
  • Women in the boardroom and how Brittny establishes respect and dominance
  • Exciting new projects and what’s next for Flawless by Friday
  • & so much more!

If you want to learn more about Brittny, you can find her in the following places:

Instagram: @brittrobins & @flawlessbyfriday

Facebook: Brittny Robins & Flawless by Friday

LinkedIn: Brittny Robins

Website: www.flawlessbyfriday.com | USE PROMO CODE empowr15 for 15% off at checkout

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