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Kithio Mwanzia

CEO, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce

Kithio Mwanzia, CEO of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce

Kithio Mwanzia, CEO of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce

I live by the theory that you have a limited amount of decision making capacity in a given day; for round numbers – you have about 10 decisions/day that your mind is able to think through and make – what are you either leveraging those decisions on or wasting those decisions on? (31:33)

If you are an entrepreneur, a hustler, a University or College Student, or a 9-5er looking to get inspired about your 5-9, this podcast is for you.

Kithio Mwanzia is a man of many layers. Other than being listed as part of Guelph’s Top 40 under 40 (2015), one of the Chamber’s youngest CEOs, and having a deep skill and mastery for rhetoric – he’s a powerful community driver with the soul and rigour of a seasoned executive.

If there is one thing you won’t forget – it’s his handshake. To affect big change in our communities, you need to have a powerful presence, a defined level of conviction, and you need to be a great communicator. I ticked off all of these boxes when meeting Kithio.  Rightfully so, he and his team are the key liaison for translating the priorities of the business community into government planning. There is nothing more expensive for business than uncertainty, and Kithio is surely making headway in eliminating those doubts, if Guelph’s recent growth and interest isn’t a clear signal.

What was deeply refreshing in this interview was Kithio’s genuine passion to empower any young professionals making their way. Because let’s be honest – in today’s world, at every corner of our decisions is uncertainty, doubt, curiosity, fear, and excitement. Kithio and I dive into the current state of education, his experiences at Brock University, character-building events as a student and professional, and about finding your passions, at any age.

We’ve all been investing years into degrees, careers, and prescribed paths, all with the hope of dreaming it will be better at the other end. So we ask the question “what’s the rush?”. Continuous learning and the capacity to reinvent yourself exists – we all just need to grab it by the horns.

If you’re looking to get inspired today, press play or put your earbuds in, and buckle up.

Some of the things you’ll learn are:

  • Key initiatives & advocacy efforts at the Guelph Chamber of Commerce to make Guelph an easy place to do business
  • Kithio’s experience at Brock University, and how he rose to become the first International Student President of the Student’s Union, and how he paved the way for international students to gain access into student elections, working off campus, student visas, and economic integration
  • The current state of education and some of the reasons why people are finding passion much later in life (and that’s ok because reinvention still exists!)
  • How we have the capacity (willpower is a finite resource) to make 10 big decisions/day, and how leveraging these decisions properly can affect BIG change in your life
  • & so much more

If you want to learn more about Kithio, you can find him in the following places:

LinkedIn: Kithio Mwanzia

Website: www.guelphchamber.com

If there is anything you heard today that you connected with, or where you feel other people would gain value – please share this with them and empower their lives. That is the true goal of this podcast.


Thank you for your valuable attention, 


Creative Director | empowr

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