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10 years in 10 minutes

Rishan Sathasivam

10 years in 10 minutes | Goals, Successes, & Failures

10 years in 10 minutes | Goals, Successes, & Failures

Giving yourself a chance can change your life (5:24).

10 years in 10 minutes.

This 10 minute podcast is my personal story and experience over the last 10 years, contemplating the most pivotal discoveries I’ve made about goals, obstacles, successes, and failures. It’s honest, it’s vulnerable, and it’s me.

It’s no secret that as millennials, we’re going through some THINGS. Crazy things. Physically, neurologically, emotionally, socially. Let’s not also forget – technologically.

We’re a generation of instant gratification. We’re a generation where society and technology has given us so much, and as a result we’ve been programmed into thinking that when we set ourselves out for a certain goal, that this goal will be accomplished in a defined timeline.

But here’s the truth – there’s no defined timeline.

That gripe in our stomachs when things don’t happen in the schedule or way that we planned – that’s called reality. But it’s hard to digest because that’s not how we’ve been taught.

The biggest problem? We as a generation tend to avoid the pain of struggle, the pain of discipline, the pain of learning, and the pain of feedback.

Growth is the only prescription for these types of pain.

In this 10 minute podcast you’ll learn about:

  • How I almost lost my job as a bank teller and then turned it around to beat regional sales records (the pain of feedback)
  • How I sourced an internship in New York City working for the CEO of an Advertising Agency (the pain of discipline)
  • How I failed one of the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) exams, and what it taught me about having a strong internal narrative (the pain of struggle)
  • The 2 most important concepts that have carried me throughout all of my successes and failures (the pain of learning)
  • & so much more

If you want to learn more about my journey, you can connect with me in the following places:

Instagram: @empowr.podcast & @curiousrush

Facebook: empowr Fanpage & Rishan Sathasivam

LinkedIn: Rishan Sathasivam

I hope the honesty in my experience has helped you. If there is anything you heard today that you connected with, or where you feel other people would gain value – please share this with them and empower their lives. That is the true goal of this podcast.


Thank you for your valuable attention, 


Creative Director | empowr

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